Nicolas Vahe Jam Assortment 40g x 4pcs


Nicolas Vahe Jam Assortment 40g x 4pcs
Nicolas Vahe Jam Assortment 40g x 4pcs
Nicolas Vahe Jam Assortment 40g x 4pcs

Nicolas Vahe Jam Assortment 40g x 4pcs

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Nicolas Vahé's jams made from quality ingredients packed in a beautiful gift box. The flavors of the delicious jam assortment go well with e.g. with cheeses and crackers or to bring the atmosphere of a hotel breakfast home. The jam assortment is also a wonderful gift or housewarming.

The pack contains jams: raspberry & ginger, coconut & passion fruit, apple & lemon & ginger and fig.

Size: 40g x 4 pcs
Taste: raspberry & ginger, coconut & passion fruit, apple, lemon & ginger and fig
Shelf life: marked on the package / will keep opened in the refrigerator for about 3 weeks
Raspberry and ginger: raspberries, cane sugar, ginger, gelling agent (fruit pectin). / Hallon och ingefära: hallon, rørsocker, ingefära, gelningsmedel (fruktpektin).
Coconut & passion fruit: cane sugar, coconut puree (water, 27% coconut milk, 9% grated coconut, sugar, maltodextrin, coconut flavor, sodium caseinate (milk), passion fruit, gelling agent (fruit pectin, calcium citrate). / Coconut & passion fruit: rørsocker, kokosnöt puré (vatten, 27% kokosmjölk, 9% row coconuts, socker, maltodextrin, kokosnötsmak, sodium caseinate (mjölk), passionfruit, gelningsmedel (fruktpektin, calcium citrate).
Apple & lemon & ginger: cane sugar, apples, lemon, crystallized ginger (cane sugar, 43% ginger). / rørsocker, apple, citron, crystallized ginger (rørsocker, 43% ginger).
Fig: figs, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent (fruit pectin). / fikon, rörsocker, koncentrerad citronsaft, gelningsmedel (fruktpektin).
More information: Please check the food package for additional information: the list of ingredients, substances causing allergies and intolerances, the amount of content and the best-before date label. You can ask for any additional information about the product at the email address